Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Match Game

Just a quick post to share my latest project I made as a baby ggift for a dear friend's daughter who just had a little boy -  her first baby! I made one of these for my granddaughter a while back...too young for her at first but now she's at the perfect age.

It's quite fun to make and many ways a small child can play with it...as my daughter/ teacher pointed out. The pocket in front holds the pieces to be matched to the board below.

Baby Lucien was named after his grandpa LD...LD never lived to see his first little grandson ...what a nice tribute to a wonderful man.  You may remember the post I did on the special quilt featuring LD's hats a while back. For more information on how to make this children's game go to the following link. I am linked to Linky tuesday and Show and Tell Tuesday.   Off the Wall Friday and Whoop, Whoop Friday.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Leaf II

This is part of an ongoing series I started with deconstructive screenprinted fabric from a while back. I do have a "leaf I" posted some time ago (in green) and finally got round to finishing the blue version. 
 The leaf is created from the deconstructive screen printing technique using blue and green dyes. I thought it needed more depth; using a silk screen, I screened lettering using discharge paste over the leaf to add more interest to the top. It still needed more and was small enough to run through my ink jet printer. I printed the tree branches coming in from the side. I adjusted the print opacity of the branches so they wouldn't be so strong.
 Still needing more, I used the same lettering, this time with a dark color paint to show up more prominently on the blue band that will go beneath.
 Those of you who know me ...know I live by the philosophy of there's no such thing as too many trees...so here we go again...more trees from a screen of a photo I took along the Blue Ridge Parkway.
 Painted organza binding..........free motioned quilted and mounted on a pre-stretched canvas.
and the finished piece...."Leaf II". I will have to get busy gathering more things on my morning walk to do more of these type pieces...I like the results even though the prints themselves can be so challenging at times. I am linked to Off the Wall Fridays,  Whoop, Whoop Friday and Free Motion Mavericks.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Wishing you a wonderful Mother's day surrounded by those you love.....
 What a great time of year to have a garden tour...things are just starting to pop..

 Iris's are blooming and the peonies will be popping in another 3 weeks...just planted the annuals so they'll be a while...
 but once here, they're here for months...love it... Thise are our knock out roses....
 and Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter...from then - 1976
til now....where have the years gone!
Have a great day!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Fiber Junkies Show and Tell

We did have an inspiring show and tell at Fiber Junkies the other day. Kate had spend a week at Pro Chemical taking her second workshop with Carol Soderland. The results were beautiful....most of it dealt with neutrals which Kate had samples of in a notebook. 
 This was one of the gradation dyes she did...
 This was another experiment where she folded her fabric and did some subtle changes between the starting and ending color...quite effective.
 Kate also showed us an amazing quilt she did for her nephew who is in a group - the Ultramarines...silly me, when I first heard the name, I thought it had something to do with the marines...not so...a video game of some sort he plays in a group
 The most amazing thing about this quilt is that it's all hand painted...no appliqué. Kate did an wonderful job ...her nephew will be thrilled.
 Gen shared with us the finished pieces of last months ice dyeing...all were beautiful and "drool worthy".
 Denny has been studying with Hollis Chatelaine for 8 years as part of a 10 year class that meets annually and touches base throughout the year. This year the group was studying thread and the effct it has on our fiber work. This study group is labor intensive but Denny loves it and comes home with lots of new information and samples she shares with us....so it's been a bit of an education for our group also.
 We all loved this sample Denny shared with us of her disperse dyes. I have to admit, I've tried them in the past and wasn't that impressed as the color wasn't very intense, but I may have to rethink that. Denny does layer color upon color using the painted papers (remember last post where Denny geli-printed with dyes on paper) . The effect is lovely and it doesn't change the hand of the fabric no matter how much layering you do. The only drawback...if it is a drawback, is that you work on synthetic fabric which will take these dyes -  a natural fiber will not. I'm not a purist and I make art quilts so this will be just fine. I can see playing with this technique in our future.
 Val brought some of her ice dyed fabric from last playday...and as always....beautiful..
the intensity of the color of this one was incredible....
On another note, I'm off to Atlanta to see my daughter and Audrey - my granddaughter...It's a celebration of my daughter's birthday (I became a mother on mother's day)....Have a wonderful mother's day.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Geli Printing with Fiber Junkies

It's that time again.....always a happy dance day when the Fiber Junkies meet and meet we did at Gen's home for some Geli printing. Gen had everything set up and ready to go; we brought geli plates, plexiglass, paints, lots of fabric, stencils...the list goes on. We were ready to PLAY! I had never used a geli plate and some of the gals brought extra to share. Denny was also thinking ahead and made some homemade gelatin plates for us to try and compare the difference.
 My vote was for the homemade gelatin plates; it had the most give to it and a nice "squishy" feel when you were working with the surface.  My least favorite was the plexiglass which had no give to it and harder to roll the paint onto.
 This is my plexiglass plate with paint on it and more being added...this will be retired after today.
After paint was applied to the plate, a stencil, stamp and other object was laid on top to make an imprint. You can also write in it or make a design of your own. You have to work fast as the paint dries quickly.  Next the fabric or paper was laid on top to pick up the design from the plate.

Here is one that Denny did which is hanging to dry.
 Denny chose to work in disperse dyes which were thickened with alginate. She printed on paper which will then be transferred to fabric...clever lady!!

 What a great (and another way) to use these dyes which are transferred through heat onto a synthetic or blended fabric.

Mary has been pondering over this piece of wool for many meetings but like a good trooper, refused to give up on it. The above piece which she had already sunprinted, shiboried and ice dyed....was not what she wanted.
So here is the after (of the before) where she geli printed an image on top. Mary was literally doing a happy dance, now loves the piece and commits very seriously to the philosophy of not giving up. It really does look great and I look forward to seeing what Mary will do with it.
 I did try and rescue some close to hopeless pieces of fabric...they are a little less hopeless now but I'm still not doing a happy dance over them.
I did do a lot of paper for our paper-fabric meeting which has become an annual event.
 So where to put all our pieces to dry...Denny to the rescue with her make-shift and terribly clever hanging system for holding lots of things - skirt hangers attached to a pole...
which worked great and really did the job....A great day - stay tuned for our wonderful (as always) show and tell...til next time...or as my husband likes to say...."Have fun with the Junkies"....

Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Fun Day

Okay, this is not fabric related and it may seem silly, but Asheville has been doing a happy dance since yesterday because Publix has come to town. Publix has never made an appearance in NC and I for one have been waiting for 12 years. I make the run to the Publix in Greenville, SC for my favorite coffee (only sold at Publix) rolls and pastries etc. The store made its grand opening yesterday, the parking lot was full, no shopping carts left and thousands of people had gone through the store...It was a giant party and we had to be a part of it. It's a beautiful store, sparkling and some wonderful and interesting little vignettes.

wonderful flowers
wine and cheese .....and much more....and then onto the Biltmore Estate...
where we had lunch at the "Stable" and then  saw the Downtown Abbey Exhibit.
We have annual passes to the Biltmore; we live close by and nice to be able to go for just an hour or so or just do lunch. The exhibit was wonderful, not only did they have many garments (40+) that were worn by the cast, but a lot of background and history on each one...something you don't get when you watch the series. Maggie Smith wore the above outtift....in an "acceptable" color after the mourning period of wearing black.
 Nurses uniforms worn by Sybil and army uniforms featured here. The garments were spread throughout the Biltmore house.
The garments were heavily beaded and embellished and wonderful to see up close.
One of lady Mary's beautiful gowns....
This is Mrs. Hughes outfit always wearing the keys to the house along with one of the ladies maids who in the beginning wore hand me downs with a white apron.
It was hard to distinguish where they belonged on the staff as they had no set uniform; that changed to a distinct color but kitchen helpers were the lowest on the food chain and continued to wear hand me downs. The footman were always chosen for their good looks. Some wonderful history and facts about that time in history and being a big Downton Abbey fan, I found it fascinating.
Next time...back to the studio......

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Pebbles on the Pond

I have been working on this piece on and off for a while now and finally just decided to get to it...and finish it. All the fabrics I made myself either through marbling, dyeing or deconstructive screen printing.  Working with these fabrics can be challenging which is why I have been such a procrastinator.
 My Fiber Junkies group gets together every month and often our plan is to make deconstructive screened fabric. I get so excited and want to try all different colors of dyes which I have found to be a no-no! I wind up with small pieces, all different colors and none that will work together. This last time around, I was more sensible and stuck to a couple of colors having lots of choices within the same color way - not as much fun but more practical in the long run.
 I realized this piece desperately needed white, and searched through my marbled fabrics and lucked out...found one that worked. I didn't have a lot, but didn't need much.
 The feel of the piece reminded me of pebbles, ponds, water etc and thought a tree coming in from the side would add some interest. Let's face it, I love trees and think they would go with anything...but in this case, they really did.

 I did minimal quilting on the darker areas.
 I quilted around the "pebbles and did small circles in between to make the rest pop

 The trees looked flat so I used some acrylic paint to highlight them.....
 giving them a lot more dimension.
And the finished piece - "Pebbles on the Pond". I am linked to Off the Wall Fridays, Whoop Whoop Fridays and Free Motion Mavericks